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How Much Do You Know About the Importance of Orthodontics for Your Kids?

Posted on July 14, 2022

Orthodontics for children is important since the key to a healthy smile lies in correcting any teeth and jaw issues during a child’s development. Orthodontists stipulate that treatment is best started at age seven or earlier, according to the American Association of Orthodontics. Starting orthodontic treatment at such a young age ensures that any later treatment during adulthood is less intensive. In some cases, early orthodontic treatment during childhood can produce more lasting results than later treatment. For example, Phase I (Growth Modification Treatment) can be extremely beneficial for children between ages six and nine. The biggest benefit is there is a more skeletal change rather than a dental change. For parents looking to help their kids grow healthy and confident, below are reasons why orthodontics for kids is important.

It Solves Crowded Teeth

Children’s orthodontics can help with crowding problems. Crowded teeth are clustered close together, sometimes overlapping. Crowding will only become worse with time if it is not stopped early. As it prevents flossing and brushing, it may even make it difficult for your child to maintain good oral hygiene. This can result in an increase in stain, bacteria, and plaque, which can lead to tooth decay or gum disease. Early treatment of crowding is necessary to prevent harm to a child’s dental health.

It Corrects Abnormal Bites

Jaw problems that create an irregular bite or alignment can be treated with orthodontics. Openbite, crossbite, underbite, and overbite are all different varieties of these irregularities. When the front upper and lower teeth don’t contact, it’s known as an open bite. In a crossbite, the lower front teeth don’t line up properly with the upper front teeth when the mouth is closed. With an underbite, the upper front teeth are positioned entirely behind the lower front teeth. Children with disproportionate jaw development frequently have an underbite. Lastly, an overbite causes the front teeth to overlap the bottom teeth vertically and horizontally. In addition to excessive wear, gum recession, and an unbalanced face shape, leaving these issues untreated might cause biting and speech issues later in life.

It Is Available in Multiple Forms

Various permanent and removable oral appliances can be used to retrain muscles, reposition a child’s teeth, and impact jaw growth. These include:

  • Braces: The most popular fixed appliances. Braces are made up of wires, bands, and brackets. Today’s braces are more comfortable and less conspicuous thanks to advanced technology. They can be applied on either the front or back of teeth.
  • Aligners: Many people of all ages prefer the almost invisible clear plastic aligners, such as Invisalign, as an alternative to conventional braces. They can be removed while eating, drinking, cleaning your teeth, and socializing as long as they are worn for at least 22 hours a day.
  • Space Maintainers: These appliances, which can be permanent or detachable, create room for the emergence of adult teeth.

The importance of orthodontics for kids is underlined by the need to correct tooth problems before adulthood. Doing this sets a child up for a life devoid of orthodontic issues. Do you need orthodontic treatment for your child? Contact Dr. Chelian today!


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