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Can Invisalign Treat Your Orthodontic Issues?

Posted on April 25, 2023

Invisalign is a popular choice for those who are starting an orthodontic treatment. According to Invisalign.com, over 14 million people have experienced Invisalign treatment. However, Invisalign isn’t a miracle worker. Here’s a great guide on how to know if Invisalign will fix your orthodontic issues and give you straight teeth!

How Crooked Are Your Teeth?

There are some situations where your teeth will not turn into the proper position with Invisalign. Instead, they will need braces. In cases like this, the orthodontist will tighten the bands in order to move your teeth to where they are supposed to be. Your orthodontist will tell you what the best course of action will be to get you the straight teeth you deserve. If your teeth are rotated out of position 20 degrees or less, then Invisalign can do the job. If the rotation is more than that, braces may be one of your only options for treatment.

What Kind of a Bite Do You Have?

While Invisalign is good at shifting your teeth if you have a mild overbite, a big bite problem like a malocclusion might require braces. Invisalign is not as durable as braces due to its material makeup, which leaves braces as the more reliable option for more severe orthodontic cases. Working with our orthodontists to find out which orthodontic treatment will provide you with straight teeth and a normal bite.

Do You Have a Large Gap Between Your Teeth?

Like the other situations, it depends on how big the gap is between your teeth. If it’s a small gap, then Invisalign can make the corrections needed. If it’s larger, then you will need to use braces, since the clear aligners will not be able to get the teeth into the right position. Your orthodontists can tell you if your gap is too big to use Invisalign.

Are You Responsible?

One thing people like about Invisalign is that you can take it out to eat food that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to with braces. However, you also have to be conscious of where you put the aligners and not lose them afterward. You also need to have the aligners in your mouth for roughly 22 hours a day. If you’re not diligent and don’t follow the provided plan, then your progress will halt. Braces might be the better option for those who are forgetful or less responsible.

If you’re in need of an orthodontic treatment, you’re in luck! Contact Chelian Orthodontics today. We’ll help you figure out which treatment will work best for you!


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